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She thought back to the night after the election, three months ago. Remembering the stunned reactions of everyone who’d come to watch with her, the disbelief of the reporters themselves as they read the results. One planet and system after the next fell. After Amulon, it was an almost mathematical certainty, yet no one could admit it or even begin to understand it. Two hours later, it was official. Seranus would be the next President of the Galaxy.

His campaign had been decried across many star systems as outright speciesist against citizens of worlds from outside the galactic core, and sexist against fourteen different genders. He of course denied these claims, but all the while promoting policies like banning migration from the arms inward, and building a physically and financially impossible galactic barrier. And there had been a particularly damning incident involving the mocking of a Fasean gaseous reporter as a nothing more than a fart. None of it had seemed to phase his supporters throughout the galaxy, though. In fact, many of them were energized by this kind of rhetoric, despite largely being originally from outer arm systems themselves.

It all seemed like so long ago, despite having been barely more than a year. Back when it all started, she would never have imagined herself as politically involved, let alone being on a ship headed towards the Capital Station to speak at what may end up being the largest demonstration the galaxy had ever seen. She was nobody, just a girl from Earth who was worried about the future. She was worried about how the core planets would treat her world and all the others that had been demonized during the election as “leeches” on those who worked in the core. She was worried that the hatred Seranus preached was dividing the galaxy and leaving them weak to the intergalactic threats they knew were waiting in the void. She was worried that he was only exploiting the fear and mistrust of the galaxy to seize power for his own purposes. These were worries that she shared with populations of entire worlds across the galaxy, yet it was because of that fact that she had become a conduit for them.

When she began speaking out, it wasn’t to any end other than to try articulate her own thoughts and feelings after the devastating election result. But others began to take notice. She accomplished that goal so well that many began to see her as the voice that they lacked, expressing what they all knew and felt but either would not or could not on their own. And now, she was a guest of a Junierian Senator who was himself a citizen of the core, invited to be that voice at a rally that would span the face of the Capital Station and all its moons. No human had ever set foot in the Central System before today.

“Thirty minutes until arrival,” the comm system happily announced.

Her hands were shaking as she reviewed her speech for the hundredth time.


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